How to Prepare Your Dog for a Veterinary Exam

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Regular veterinary visits are important for your dog’s health and wellness, but for many dogs these visits can be stressful. Who wouldn’t be anxious about being in a strange, uncomfortable place, in unnatural positions, and being poked, prodded, and pricked in sensitive areas by unfamiliar people? Fortunately, you can reduce your dog’s anxiety by teaching him or her to accept restraint and examination.

November KPA CTP of the Month: Jay (Jihyung) Seo

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Jay (Jihyung) Seo, KPA CTP, offers animal-training services in Seoul, Republic of Korea. In addition to working with dogs and their families, she trains other species, including cats, birds, and zoo animals. An animal lover since childhood, Jay remembers the rabbits, hens, rooster, ducks, and geese that she cared for at elementary school. As a middle-schooler, she studied in New Zealand, where she could not have pets of her own, but dreamed of ways to work with animals.

Teach Your Puppy to Walk On a Leash

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Walking on a leash is an important skill for puppies to learn, but it can be challenging to train puppies that are eager to explore the world around them. The key to setting up puppies for success is to use a high rate of reinforcement to keep the puppy’s attention and accelerate learning. Visual markers can be helpful reminders to the handler to offer the puppy a treat for being in the desired position.