Successful Dog Training Classes: Making Repetition Fun

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Repetition is a powerful key to learning. Children learn new skills by repeating a behavior or piece of a behavior again and again until the skill is committed to memory and becomes a habit (like practicing piano). The very same principle works for dog training classes. By repeating the same skill or exercise enough times, the handler becomes better at delivering cues and the dog understands more quickly what the desired behavior should be. However, if learning becomes too repetitive, it can become boring (once again, like practicing piano!). So how do you use repetition in dog training classes without boring your learners? By making it fun!

Polite Door Greetings

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Does the sound of the doorbell send your dog into a frenzy? It is natural for dogs to become overly excited when guests arrive. However, you can control the chaos by teaching your dog to be calm when the doorbell rings. The first step in teaching polite door greetings is to teach a few alternate behaviors that you want your dog to do when he hears the arrival sound. These should be simple behaviors that your dog knows well such as place, come, touch, get a toy, and go outside.

Gamify Your Training: Dueling Dogs

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Teaching dog training classes is not easy. Not only do you need to be a skilled trainer, but you must also keep a group of dogs and people focused and motivated. How do you garner broad smiles and wagging tails? By making learning fun! Try incorporating games in your classes to help your learners retain what they learn and become enthusiastic students.

August KPA CTP of the Month: Joy Chia

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After first hearing about the Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) Dog Training Professional (DTP) program from a friend who provided daycare for her dogs, Joy Chia, KPA CTP, enrolled in 2013. She was inspired after attending a ClickerExpo conference in San Francisco. Joy completed the KPA DTP program in September 2013, in Sequim, Washington, with Terry Ryan.