Building Confidence with Training

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If you work at or have ever visited a shelter, you know these dogs: the shy dogs that cower in the corner of the kennel, reluctant to interact with visitors, staff, or other dogs. Unfortunately, since they aren’t greeting visitors at the front of the kennel, they are also the dogs that don’t always get adopted. Clicker training can help a shy dog develop confidence by building trust and giving the dog control over the environment.

Teach Your Dog to Get On and Off the Couch

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There are times when you want to share your couch with your dog. After all, there’s nothing better than snuggling up with your furry friend at the end of a long day. However, there are also times when you may not want your dog on the couch—such as when guests are visiting. By teaching your dog to both get on the couch and off the couch, you can have the best of both worlds!

January KPA CTP of the Month: Stephen Bell

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Stephen Bell, KPA CTP, describes himself as having a strong affinity for animals, especially dogs, from a very early age. Although he dreamed of working with animals, he followed a very different career path, to electronic engineering. After running multiple high-tech companies, Stephen launched his own tech business in the energy sector, which allowed him to work from home and provided time and opportunity to start working with dogs. He offered boarding services and could not resist adding in some training! With his interest in animal training only increasing, Stephen decided that he wanted to learn more.

Puppy Biting

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Walking on a leash is an important skill for puppies to learn, but it can be challenging to train puppies that are eager to explore the world around them. The key to setting up puppies for success is to use a high rate of reinforcement to keep the puppy’s attention and accelerate learning. Visual markers can be helpful reminders to the handler to offer the puppy a treat for being in the desired position.

The Pizza Delivery Game

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Many pet parents and their dogs struggle when they try to apply the tools and techniques that they learned in training class to real-life situations. Dogs may offer a down-stay in the classroom, but when they are at home and the doorbell rings, chaos ensues. By incorporating games in your group training classes, you can help your students and their dogs learn under conditions that resemble real-life environments.