Interview with Hannah Branigan

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Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) faculty member Hannah Branigan believes that clicker training is the perfect technology to teach new behaviors, especially for competitive performances. Here, she talks about how she got started with clicker training, and what she hopes to pass on to her students as both a graduate and an instructor of KPA’s Dog Trainer Professional Program.

6 month dog trainer professional training program with Shelly Brouwer

Interview with Shelly Brouwer

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INTERVIEW WITH SHELLY BROUWERKaren Pryor Academy (KPA) faculty member Shelly Brouwer , CTP, will lead a KPA Dog Trainer Professional (DTP) program in Boulder, Colorado (application deadline 11/26/18).  Learn more about KPA professional certification   Boulder location details In this interview, Shelly shares highlights from her own training career.Q: Tell us about the first animal you trained.A: Her name was Sadie and she was …

Teach Settle on a Mat

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Teach Settle on a MatSettle down over there!Is your dog a little too excited? Too excitable? Is he a maniac when people come to the door? Does he bug you when you’re trying to eat dinner? Would you love to have a place where your dog could just chill out, yet still be in the same room with you?You need …