The ABCs of Barking

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Barking happens for a reason. Sounds obvious, right? It didn’t always, according to applied ethologist Julie Hecht, writing in the spring 2013 issue of The Bark. At the turn of the century, barking was widely thought to be “simply an item on a dog’s daily checklist: ‘Take a walk, have breakfast, bark.'” Nowadays there’s a small but growing body of research …

All Ears! How to Train Your Puppy to Listen

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Do you find yourself repeating instructions to your dog or puppy? You can learn how to train a puppy or dog to listen to you the first time, and every time. Many dog or puppy owners blame the dog for not listening. When you have invested time and effort into training, it can be disappointing when your dog suddenly decides …

Puppy Socialization: Exploring New Surfaces

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The first four months a puppy’s life are the most influential. Most of what is learned during this early period becomes the foundation for adult behavior patterns. To decrease the possibility of behavior problems, including fear, anxiety, and aggression, puppies should be exposed to as many people, places, and things as possible during this critical period—in a fun and positive way. Exposures include new surfaces and textures, too! In this video, KPA faculty member Debbie Martin demonstrates how to make exposure to new surfaces enjoyable and rewarding.

Choosing the Paws-itively Perfect Toy for Your Dog

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‘Tis the season for finding that perfect gift for those we love, and for many of us that includes the special furry family member in our lives! There is nothing more joyous for dog owners than to see their dog’s excitement and joy as they enjoy a special new toy. But with so many choices, how do you choose a toy that your dog will love and won’t end up gathering dust at the bottom of the toy basket? A dog’s toy preference depends on her personal style of play. Here, Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) Faculty Member Laurie Luck offers these suggestions for finding your dog’s play preferences and choosing the perfect toy.

Give Thanks for Pets

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If you are hosting Thanksgiving this year, your focus is probably on the bird—not the dog. But to ensure a happy and stress-free day for both you and your pet, plan ahead for safety on Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Feast—in a KONG!

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Holidays are fun to celebrate with furry family members, but the abundance of guests, commotion, and food can be challenging for you and your dog. A KONG toy is a fantastic way to keep your dog relaxed and occupied during the holiday madness—or any time your dog needs a long-lasting treat.