The Dog Trainer Professional program is for the highly motivated trainer who has specific goals for improving knowledge, skills, and career prospects. The course blends online learning with hands-on instruction from some of the best teachers in the field.

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Helix Fairweather
6 month dog trainer professional training program with Helix Fairweather
Helix Fairweather, KPA CTP, has been clicker training since 1996 and is truly committed to this way of communicating with dogs. In 2001, Helix created the first ever online dog training course, Cyber Agility – a course that gave clicker trainers the opportunity to train solid foundation skills for dog agility. Also the co-creator of the online pet dog training course offered at, Helix’s wish is for force-free training to become the social norm.
Helix has been a KPA faculty member since its inception in 2007 and was a Clicker Expo faculty member for eleven years. She shares her life with two scent hounds, Rickie and Jolene – Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen (PBGVs). A few years ago, Helix and her first PBGV, Rickie, became hooked on canine scent detection. It didn’t take long before another online course was born – Cyber Scent, designed for clicker trainers to train a solid foundation for canine scent detection. Helix and her hound girls participate in NACSW, SDS, AKC and UKC scent work trials. This course is co-taught with Sarah Owings – see
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