August 2018 KPA CTP of the Month: Stephanie Peters

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Stephanie Peters, KPA CTP and CPDT-KA, owner of Plucky Paws, adopted her “sweet little dog Marmalade” from Second Chance Animal Rescue Puerto Rico in 2013, spurring her interest in animal training. She had heard of using a clicker for training, but “stuck to lure-reward training, using a verbal marker informally” with Marmalade—until she attended A Weekend with Ken Ramirez in Des Moines, Iowa, in 2016, after a recent move to Iowa from Boston. Ken spoke about reinforcement, the pitfalls of coercion, elements of behavior science, and more. Stephanie says, “I was incredibly inspired and enlightened, and eagerly attended ClickerExpo in Cincinnati a month later.”

July 2018 KPA CTP of the Month: Laura Donaldson

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Laura Donaldson, KPA CTP, combines her extensive credentials with her experience in dog training and canine behavior (and her participation in dog sports) in her successful business Four Paws, Four Directions Dog Training & Behavior Consulting. Her philosophy emphasizes positive training that creates harmonious canine-human communication and bonds.

May 2018 KPA CTP of the Month: Molly Johnson

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Molly Johnson, KPA CTP, had been training dogs positively for many years even before she attended the KPA Dog Trainer Professional (DTP) program in 2011. In that time, she developed an interest and expertise in training therapy dogs, particularly for work in the areas of grief, dying, and death.

Julia Hamilton is a KPA CTP and Certified Trick Dog Instructor

April 2018 KPA CTP of the Month: Julia Hamilton

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Julia Hamilton, KPA CTP, of Julia Hamilton Dog Training, focuses on creating family harmony when the family unit includes, or is about to include, pets. Her own family includes young children and a dog (and a husband!) who encourage Julia to keep learning and growing as a trainer.

Kat Camplin, KPA CTP - Obedience competition - clicker training - behavior modification - dog sports - service-dog work

March 2018 KPA CTP of the Month: Kat Camplin

Sierra Verunica Featured Trainer

Kat Camplin, KPA CTP, uses the skills she has accumulated in her many years volunteering with and training dogs—and through her experience at Karen Pryor Academy—in her California-based business, Romping Dogs. She offers flexible training and consultation sessions for dogs and families, from pre-adoption counseling and puppy lessons to behavior modification to specialized training for dog sports and service-dog work.

February 2018 KPA CTP of the Month: Shelley Pryor

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Shelley Pryor, KPA CTP, offers in-home training and behavior consultations through her business Spry Dog. Spry Dog also provides Canine Good Citizen (CGC) preparation and testing, along with Fear Free support to acclimatize animals to visits with veterinarians and groomers.

December 2017 KPA CTP of the Month: Carol Meagher

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Carol Meagher, KPA CTP, may be looking forward to her very first ClickerExpo conference in St. Louis this coming March 16-18, but this Lead Trainer with the Greater St. Louis Training Club (GSLTC) is already a clicker training advocate and specialist. In training classes, in canine competition, and even with the patient population in the hospital where she works, Carol uses positive reinforcement and sees wonderful results.

November 2017 KPA CTP of the Month: Celine Yang

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Celine Yang‘s, KPA CTP, interest in dog training was triggered when she and her brand-new husband added Severus Snape, a shiba inu puppy, to their family. Celine and Severus attended two puppy kindergarten schools (both positive-reinforcement training businesses!) to create a solid foundation of behaviors and communication that has allowed them to continue their dog-training education as well as participate in a variety of dog sports.

October 2017 KPA CTP of the Month: Claudia Barbuto

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Claudia Barbuto, KPA CTP, provides individualized in-home training to families and pets through her business, Naturally Pawsitive. In addition to her private training, Claudia is the director of the reactive-dog program and a family-dog instructor at a local facility.